Gout is one of the common forms of inflammatory arthritis; and is at times referred to as “gouty arthritis”.

Although it can affect both men and women of any age, gout is the most prevalent form of arthritis which affects men above the age of 40.

It affects joints all over the body and if left untreated, it spreads so fast while increasing in severity with each flare up.

Gout is a chronic health condition which can be very painful, a reason why someone needs natural pain relief remedies alongside the conventional treatments.

Here is a list of ten remedies that effectively alleviate the pain:


Drinking a lot of water is one of the steps towards getting rid of gout pain.

At least two litres of water each day will flush out the excess uric acid from the body system.

This is excess uric acid is the actual cause of gout, a reason why you need to significantly reduce the amount of this acid from the bloodstream.


Cherry juice is listed as a popular home remedy for gout pain.

One is not limited to cherry juice but also fresh and dried cherries.

They contain athnocyanins, which have anti-inflammatory properties.

Cherries and cherry juice also have the ability of reducing levels of uric acid in blood.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been described as a magical type of medication because it gives relief from various problems such as headache, gout pain, acid reflex, skin tags and joint pain. It works by alkalizing the body so that you get quick relief.

The mode and procedure for administration is extremely easy because you only have to mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with water and the medication will be ready.

The mixture tastes bitter or sour because this is the nature of apple cider vinegar but is a sure remedy.

Plus, it is natural and completely organic.

Hot and cold compresses

Regular and constant application of cold and hot compresses can help dissolve uric acid crystals which are the causes of joint pains. For a hot treatment, use water with a temperature of 90F and a soft piece of cloth to press the affected areas. If you are going for a cold treatment on the other hand, place ice cubes in a plastic bag.

For effective and instant pain relief, you need to apply both compresses alternately. Apply the hot press for three minutes and then alternate it with the hot one for at least 20 seconds. You need to maintain this treatment for 20 minutes and then finish with a cold compress.

Use of lemon juice alongside baking powder

Most of the home remedies that are meant to treat gout pain work by alkalizing the body. This is also what baking soda does. Another way of alkalizing the body is through the combination of lemon juice and baking soda. Lemon juice is highly acidic but when it is combined with alkalized baking soda, the resulting cocktail attains a balanced PH which relates to that of your body. This solution is known to balance the body’s PH almost instantly.

It is a simple procedure which requires you to mix a teaspoon of baking soda and 2 oz of lemon juice. Allow it to settle for about 2 minutes and then add 8-10 oz of water. This mixture lacks taste, and it will seem as though you are taking flat water. Although it provides immediate relief for your gout attack, you need to keep it in mind that conventional medication is needed to cope with severe gout attack.


The darker the chocolate, the better for you.

Chocolate has most of the compounds that are available in coffee beans.

It works by bonding to the uric acid, which makes it easy for the body to flush it out in an easy way.

Chocolate has to be taken often in order to relief you from pain often.

Charcoal poultice

This is also known as activated charcoal, but you actually make a poultice using a cup of activated charcoal warm water and 3 teaspoons of ground flaxseed.

This charcoal is known to absorb the toxins; hence an effective solution to gout pain.

Activated charcoal is best used as a bath solution.

Soak the powder in water until it is a paste, pour it into the tab, add some water and soak your body in it.

Repeat it at least thrice every week.

It works well for big toe gout and ankle joint but if the other parts are affected too, you should rub the paste directly to the affected part.

Allow it some minutes before you rinse with lukewarm water.

Baking soda

The basic explanation behind gout pain is the accumulation of uric acid in the body.

This means that you have to reduce the amount of this acid in order to get a relief from such pain.

It also follows that baking soda is one of the solutions that is effective for alkalizing the body to alleviate this pain.

Even when the attack is acute, take the baking soda solution four times a day but never exceed that.


Bananas have an abundance of potassium which is used to liquefy the uric acid crystals.

This process makes it easy for the acid to be flushed out of the body.

Similarly, bananas have a good amount of vitamin C, a substance that has long been used to address swelling and pain in the joints.

Take at least a banana or two each day and you will realize a significant relief from your gout pains.